Chantier Naval de Marseille is part of Genova Industrie Navali Holding, one of the leading player in the shipyard industry in the Mediterranean

Genova Industrie Navali is one of the largest private players in the shipbuilding and ship repair sector in the Mediterranean. Founded in Genoa in 2008, he Genova Industrie Navali Group unites two of the city's historic shipyards: Mariotti - specialised in the construction of ultra-luxury cruise ships, and San Giorgio del Porto - recognised worldwide as a point of reference for the repair, maintenance and conversion of all types of ship.

Over the years, the GIN group has expanded, with the acquisition of Chantier Naval de Marseille - a modern and efficient shipyard in the Port of Marseille (France), which has the largest dock in the Mediterranean and the establishment, together with the company Fratelli Neri, of Piombino Industrie Marittime - a multi-purpose shipyard with high safety standards in the Port of Piombino (Province of Livorno).

The group’s business lines are:

  • New building.
  • Refitting & repair.
  • Outfitting.
  • Marine systems.
  • Superyachts
  • Ship recycling.

Genova Industrie Navali is a one-stop shop for the whole shipbuilding sector: competent, flexible and efficient, able to offer a wide range of specialised products and services, from repair and maintenance work to the design and construction of ultra-luxury passenger ships and megayachts. Drawing on the experience of its historic companies, and through continued investment in research, innovation, development and the establishment of new infrastructure, GIN offers solutions at the forefront of the global ship repair and shipbuilding market.

The GIN group maintains its headquarters and many of its facilities in Genoa, covering a total area of around 67,000 sqm and, with its shipyards, has a significant presence in Piombino (103,000 sqm) and in Marseille (90,000 sqm). With continuous care for the environment and worker safety, Genova Industrie Navali follows the strictest quality standards set by European and international regulations and is always able to offer sustainable, effective and responsible solutions.

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The GIN Group: important facts and figures


The Companies of Genova Industrie Navali group

GIN is able to meet all requirements relating to shipbuilding and ship repair, thanks to highly specialised professionals. Our business lines include new build, design and engineering (sectors in which Mariotti, CI.MAR and Studio Engineering operate), ship repair and conversion (in which San Giorgio del Porto and Chantier Naval de Marseille work) and ship recycling (in which San Giorgio del Porto and Piombino Industrie Marittime work), ship furnishing and outfitting (the core business of Gerolamo Scorza), and ship electrical systems (with Ortec Santamaria).

Genova Industrie Navali is a one-stop shop with extensive experience in the different areas of the shipbuilding industry, always able to offer the best technical solutions and full project management, whether designing a new ship or restructuring an existing one, fitting one out or completely demolishing one in accordance with the highest environmental standards; our companies are used to working together, exchanging ideas and coordinating with each other to ensure an impeccable service at all times, while fully respecting deadlines and safety standards.

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