A long tradition in the passenger shipping sector, and proven experience in commercial vessels, off-shore platforms and LNG ships

Ship repair and maintenance form the core business of the CNdM yard which offers strong expertise and a skilled workforce in these fields.

From scheduled and planned dockings to unexpected emergency operations, from little tugs to the new giants of the sea, CNdM has the facilities, the necessary teams and the technical know-how to perform any kind of repair on any type of vessel.

Located in the eastern area of the Port of Marseille, the CNdM shipyard directly faces the Western Mediterranean Sea. It is strategically located for the myriad trading routes that criss-cross the Med, and is at the centre of the major transport route that extends from Genoa to Barcelona.

Specialised gas tanker market

CNdM aims to boost its share in this specialised market where their strengths (reliability, timely deliveries, expert project management) meet the exacting needs and priorities of the LNG business, always with a view to delivering excellent service.

The shipyard has the required certification and trained staff who are able to operate on these specific vessels. The workforce and the engineering staff have extensive experience on LNG repair projects and are qualified by GTT to manage LNG membrane repair.

Through its carefully selected qualified service providers and an extensive network of subcontractors, CNdM offers a full range of specialised activities, including membrane tank testing, cryogenic piping, and valve and pump overhauls The shipyards maintain a strong relationship with European repair experts and suppliers of materials for LNG containment systems.

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